Humphrey Bogart is an international icon. The American Film Institute named him the greatest male screen legend of all time. The Oscar-winning star of such classics as Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon was the original founder of the Rat Pack, a true Renaissance man (he excelled at sailing, chess and golf), a U.S. Navy veteran, and an outspoken advocate for the underdog. He is also known across the globe for loving a great cocktail.


The Humphrey Bogart Estate, led by Stephen Bogart, the son of Bogie and Bacall, has partnered with Patron Tequila co-founder John Paul DeJoria’s ROK Drinks to pay tribute to an American original. Our Bogart Spirits partnership produces a collection of award-winning spirits at our own California craft distillery. Each bottle features Bogart’s name, key facts from his biography, and one of his famous quotes about drinking. And Bogart's signature is engraved in the glass of our custom made bottle!