The ROK Group have combined unique life service bundles with the largest privately held, cellular intellectual property portfolio, to develop life changing products, and bring NASA engineering to the consumer market.

ROKiT is a people-first company that is one of a kind. We offer revolutionary mobile devices with vital life services at unbeatable prices, connecting people to a better life. Part of the ROK Group of Companies, ROKiT was founded by business innovator and philanthropist John-Paul Dejoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron Tequila, John Paul Pet) and Jonathan Kendrick (British entrepreneur). Visionary business partners using innovative and humanitarian mindsets to build a better, more connected world.

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We believe communication should be free to the people of the world. We believe technology should improve everyone’s quality of life. We Believe knowledge shared through communication is the key to solving most of the worlds problems. We believe compassionate capitalism is the most rewarding style of investment. We believe public and private partnerships affect serious positive change.

We believe unshared success is failure.