When was the last time a new mobile phone offered you truly jaw-dropping tech? Something more than a sharper camera or bigger screen — something you’d never seen before? You might be able to count backwards and pinpoint the time, years ago, when an innovative new feature gave you that wow moment. This week, the answer got a lot simpler, thanks to the debut of ROKiT’s groundbreaking, stereoscopic, glasses-free 3D smartphone technology. This game-changing tech is exclusive to ROKiT’s two brand new 3D smartphones, part of a larger launch of five new mobile devices.

And here’s a bigger question, one crucial to ROKiT co-founders John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick. When was the last time a mobile phone seemed like it could change the world for the better? ROKiT is on a mission to do just that. At the official launch of the company’s line of mobile phones, DeJoria and Kendrick took the stage at LA’s Downtown Independent theater to share their vision for fundamentally changing the way we interact with our smartphones — and how they hope to improve the lives of billions of people, in the process.

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